Ninety​-​Nine Paid (1995)

by The Suspects

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    This is the second pressing of Ninety-Nine Paid from 1998, with slightly different cover art and a louder mastering job than the initial pressing.

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Our debut full-length release, recorded by Andy Bradley at the world famous Sugarhill Studios in Houston, Texas. We had been playing these songs long and well enough to the point that we were in and out in a relatively short time, but sometimes the lack of production shows through in the songs. No matter, it’s still considered by many old-school fans to be our best work, mostly due to Andy Hocker’s living ska legacy, “Caffeine”.


released May 1, 1995



all rights reserved


The Suspects Houston

[ska dub rock reggae]

Playing Houston and elsewhere since 1993.

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Track Name: Caffeine
Drinking beer just sakes me tired i'd rather get all fucking wired on a mocha lathe Mountain dew it's good for you and i can drink one or two on a given day I take my coffee black as a matter pf fact To hell with your half and half Just brew it right for me and most importantly DON'T GIVE ME THAT DECAF SHAFT! I wake up feeling low and i have my cup of joe then i'm on my way If my hands begin to shake then i'll know that i'll be awake for the rest of the day I could spend the rest of my life hanging out at gloria jeans NOTHING BEATS A BIG OL' JOLT OF CAFFEINE I can't stand mcdonalds java it's as hot as molten lava and it burns my tongue However mai's is rather nice 'cuz when they dump it over ice it's second to none Sometimes i'd like to kill all the people at brasil but their house blend rocks my world There's lots of people there with really freaky hair AND PLENTY OF NOSE-RING GIRLS! A coffee and a camel light are perfect when it's late at night and you don't hanna sleep You can write some poetry or talk about philosophy and pretend you're deep When i die i'd like to be buried in fresh ground espresso beans NOTHING BEATS A BIG OL' JOLT OF CAFFEINE!
Track Name: Freedom
We were so blind that we could not see We were so weak that we could not speak We sat and watched TV on our own while they freed Mandella on their own. Apartied is through Nelson is free but still all the people yell for racial harmony True unity will never be untill you cleanse your own mind and set yourself free
Track Name: The Dance
l love the tone of an old trombone, and the sax is mighty good. The music man with the horn in his hand plays it like he should. . Now picture this, you steal a kiss from a girl that you call your own. You see her body, it seems so right and you're dancing all through the night. Going to The Dance... Dance All Night The boys and the girls are all around shanking hard to that rocksteady sound. A rudie's got to be real smooth 'cause at the dance you know he's gotta make his move. The girls & the boys', they all hit the floor. The band starts up and they scream for more. When they start up again they'll hit the floor, and the/re dancing like they've never before...
Track Name: Another Day Another Dollar
the alarm goes off Im up again time to start the day Another day at my dead end job trying to earn some pay Some people really like their job I can not say the same A cigarette a cup o joe and Im up and on my way. Im working nine to five cause I gotta stay alive I dont know why I bother Another Day Another Dollar Punch in punch out The weekend's finally here I'll hit a club or a pub and drink an ice cold beer Jammin to the music How long can it last Im dancing with the rude girls with the Skatalites full blast. Sunday morning wake up with a hangover from hell How long till I recover only time will tell Scrambled eggs and sausage would really make me ill Mondays' round the corner and my destiny's fufilled
Track Name: Lies Are Free
This economy and foreign policy Does it really matter to me? My taxes rise and Im still not safe I dont know if you can relate But if you look around you may not like the sound or is it what Im pointing out Youve got to understand fight rise up against the man Light it up and pass it around. When the day comes and you wake up from your dream of honesty dont believe the man with outstretched hands Cause only lies are free Im not a know it all I know its just a song Check it out man, am I wrong? there's no solution to polution and the malnutrition but we've got the money for the invasion.
Track Name: Right On Time
How long have we wanted to do this I think Ive lost track This month's rent is all paid up there's no sense going back. Feeling mighty proud of the groove we were laying till I turned on the TV while the video was playing and I was disturbed at what I did see. I saw this decade's version of the mods and the skins kicking out the jams while the labels' cashing in I know how it started but how soon till this dance craze ends? Open your eyes right now We are right on time I dodnt plan it out this way Its gotta be a coincidence We're doing our best to prove it to you You're dancing to the evidence Didnt just jump on the newest train in town This kind of music's always been around And it will be here longer than you or me.
Track Name: The Bad One
book chapter and verse #1 don't let a woman get you under the gun when you're last to hear the news I knew you were donna lose I should have seen it coming 100 mites away 100 lying smiles were getting in my way so i picked a path and I rode it without wondering what the end would be the shortest joke I ever heard and the punch line was on me you won't know what to do when The Bad One comes for you should have seen it coming 100 mites away I had 100 different reasons to sleep with you that day so I picked a path and l rode it I had two warm beds and an overfilled cup but a bad woman needs just one good reason to set a poor boy up
Track Name: Big Truth
Here's an explanation of what I mean by this The big truth is a feeling that you'll never miss If you dare I'll be glad to share You should have known by now that the big truth hurts Then I could not hide from the demons inside Or the liars and the fools that our friends will always be It hit me like a brick That was nearly ten feet thick I wish I could have used then to build a wall around me.