How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The SKA (1997)

by The Suspects

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released March 1, 1997

Alan Hernandez - guitar
Thomas Escalante - vocals
Charlie Esparza - bass
Hunter Close - trombone
Claudio DePujedas - drums
Chuy Terrazas - sax
Joe Cote - keys
Bill Grady - guitar

The Suspects thank: Any Hocker, Sam Gowdy, Chris Kendrick, Robbie and Fitzgeralds, Coleen and Rockefellers, Margaret and Emo's (Austin), Dan and The Grown-Ups, Middlefinger, Janitor, Los Skarnales, Impossibles, Andy Bradley, Rodney Meyers, everyone at Southwest Wholesale, and YOU.



all rights reserved


The Suspects Houston

[ska dub rock reggae]

Playing Houston and elsewhere since 1993.

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Track Name: Chutney Song
Dont call me on the phone the sweetness in your voice is more than I can handle alone. Don't compliment my tie. I'd probably have a heart attack if you said more than "hi". But most of all, dont tell me that you love me. Forbidden fruit's not in the recipie for chutney. The thought of having you more than in my mind gives me shivers I would not know what to do. But if you loved me I'd love you for real and that'd be no fantasy. Don't invite me out to eat. Extended conversation with you makes me feel so weak. Dont pass me in the hall. To smell your hair I'd climb the mounatins of Nepal.
Track Name: Free Checking
Here's the plan here's what to do. I'll meet you at the bank Time half past two. You guard the the door and I'll blow the safe and if it all works smooth then we're gonna make a clean escape. Drop the guard cut the alarm. Face down on the floor and nobody gets harmed. No quick moves and no paint bombs in the sack Count to fifty while we haul ass out the back. I know what you're gonna say My life of crime didnt start today And this is just another getaway Cause if you see it and you want it then that's all you halve to say. You grab the stocks I'll grab the bonds you take the brunette and I'll take the blonde. That was our plan and these are the perks Say goodbye to my old life cause working is for jerks.
Track Name: Amnesia
Youve got amnesia the doctor said to me Can you say your ABC's or count to 1-2-3? Tell me do you recognize me? Lord, I hope I havent got that mad cow brain disease. Amnesia driving me insane Cant you see? Can a guy with no memory get any kind of sympathy? How can a bad dream become such a bad reality, I just want things back the way they used to be. Every day's a party, every day's a balst. Ever since i bumped my head and parted with my past. If you dont get what I said, you'd better listen to me. Get a loved one to give you a bump on your head and you'll find out what I mean.
Track Name: Slow Down
I didnt have one to change it with, so your light it stayed burned out. The important things that make a man happy Ive learned to live without. An empty square peg gets bugged in the head while the rounds run off with the stars. Your talent with the mallet has brought home the ballot and this has gone too far. You said "Speed it up" Youve got to make it slow down. Im tired of all your questions of why I lost my faith. I cant agree with your conclusion thats its just a passing phase. I feel like a downtrodden pauper up against a man and his wealth. How can I make you feel happy when I'm not happy with myself?
Track Name: Goodbye Brown Eyes
I cant believe I caught her looking my way. Wink and a smile was all it took to make my day. I was so lonely I needed a friend. She opened the door and let me in. I'm looking for an explanation of why a dream would need a heart to steal? You see the girl was a figment of my imagination, she wasnt even real And now my heart is left to deal. I spend my nights staring at the ceiling Asking all thos questions when and why. Want to touch your skin so fair Rub my fingers through your hair and drown inside your deep brown eyes. alarm clock rings at 6am Television still on channel 2. Rub the sleep from eyes Id rub the sun from the sky because the moon mean i'll see you. So hard to beleive it was just a dream together we seemed so true Glare at the screen in dismay and realize that you're not with me But I still smell your perfume drifting all around my room Why dont you stay and dance with me Why did you have to go away and leave me here so lonely Why dont you stay and romance me with me Is this somekind of game you play?
Track Name: Nut'n
I dont want nut'n but to do my thing and thats laughin and singin and swingin on my front porch swing so why are all these people frontin? They say you never give me this and you never do that Just get out of my way I dont like it like that. Im not trying to hurt nobody else Im just trying to take care of myself Nutn is what I want from you if you want to help. I dont want nutn but to do what i want to do And thats playing one on one and drinking a Shiner or two